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The Photographer Me
I’ve been into Photography since the day I found out what a camera was… can’t say I have always taken good pictures, but it’s safe to say I have improved since my early attempts to exploit my talent. I'm doing my best to continue improving with each shot, learning from those I look up to and discovering many things on my own. I've primarily focused on nature themed photography for years, but since about 2009 I have started to branch out and try new things. I've taken a few small photography jobs off and on... but for the most part I keep my photography as something I do for a hobby. I really do enjoy it and I love the freedom of being able to experiment with my work, without the restrictions of having to follow a typical "by the book" or "how it should be" viewpoint. My favorite part of being involved with photography is the reactions that come from those who see my work. It doesn't matter if it's good or bad. I either learn something or am amazed at what that person takes away from one of my shots. It's really awesome.

The Personal Me
My faith and family are what drives me. I'm a very optimistic person, which is a blessing with my history of anxiety and depression through my mid-teen years. I still struggle from time to time with social anxiety(and anxiety in general), but I have come a long way and it no longer controls me or wins out over my determination and hope. I have many interests. I could never list them all! So much to do in life, and so little time to do it! I've been married to my best friend for 4 years and we have a beautiful 3 year old daughter together. My wife went through some very serious health problems during her pregnancy and after... it's been a long and rough road for us, but we are truly blessed. Life is one crazy adventure full of good and bad. I truly believe it's very much worth taking that adventure and living life to the fullest.

Things I Live By
Live life not by following a bunch of empty ideals that other people have come up with, but by staying true to who you really are. Love, patience and forgiveness are so very important. Don't live a life of unhappiness because you feel you can't do something... don't settle. We are meant for more and as long as we are alive, there is ALWAYS something we can do. We need to challenge ourselves more! Be genuine and allow yourself to be free around friends and family. Don't spend time trying to get people to like you. People will either want to be around you or you will end up wasting your life on people that don't care about you... when you could be around someone who will enjoy your company and like you for the person you are(one person who cares about you is infinite times better than having hundreds of "lukewarm" friends). Let go of unhappy moments from the past... instead, learn from them. Let things shape you in a good way, instead of letting them harden your heart. Don't put things on hold. LIVE! Get to know yourself. Love and respect yourself... you can't fully love someone else otherwise. Live each day with a brand new start. Don't be held back by your fears or what happened the day before. ^__^


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